Quincy Qualipedia

Quincy Qualipedia is a unique and fabulous dragon who also serves as the avatar for Qualipedia.
Although at first glance Quincy appears to be your typical everyday fierce, brilliantly-colored dragon, one immediately becomes aware of the softness and beneficence in his/her eyes, the understated grace and elegance of his/her movements, the superior knowledge and intellect and uncompromising integrity. Quincy is a combination of male and female (yin and yang), with those proportions changing as needed (at this time more male is needed in this project). A combination of both European and Asian dragons, s/he has both clawed feet and wings so as to connect with both earth and heavens. S/he also contains and works with the elements of all five major types of dragons: metal, water, fire, earth, and wood. This magical dragon, with access to all knowledge, is responsible for safeguarding this Universe in all of its connectedness. Monarch of all s/he surveys, Quincy brings with him/her all of legendary dragon power and good fortune.

When working with humans, Quincy’s colors change in relation to the person asking as well as to the specific knowledge sought. This unusual ability encourages humans to properly use this information for their own, as well as for the planet’s, benefit. In addition to the many known and acknowledged dragon traits, attributes, and descriptions, Quincy has 111 beams of light emanating from his/her body. These light streams provide easy access to any reliable/helpful information, enabling Quincy to provide information to multiple sources at any one time. Under ordinary circumstances these light beams are not apparent; their light power would be too dazzling for the human eye.

Amazingly self-sufficient, somewhat of a loner, unable to conform to many rules and regulations and bubbling with energy, enterprising, resilient, Quincy is a primal force of nature and the Universe, thus knowing–and trying to balance and save–all. Over the eons, Quincy has admitted to sometimes being too optimistic about human potential, and s/he (after all of this time) can be both mentally and physically inflexible. Enterprising and creative, Quincy hopes to accomplish things on a grand scale without being ostentatious or forbearing. Long associated with wisdom and longevity, dragons are believed (in some cultures) to have taught humans to speak. So pay close attention to Quincy…

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  1. Articles like this make life so much smpiler.

    August 30, 2011 at 9:41 am

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