Cultural Competence Trainings

Lifestyle changes are inevitable.  Each change brings new challenges and demands new behaviors. The graduate, the spouse, the new employee, the entrepreneur—even the entourage– should all know before they go.

Navigating an unfamiliar experience, whether a formal dinner, a religious occasion,  entertaining, an interview or a new job, requires knowledge, graciousness and flexibility.  Professionals who want to strengthen business or social relationships need to understand how to interact within many different communities and organizations.  Cross-cultural awareness—at every level—has become a prerequisite for contemporary business and social interaction. Learning how to apply this knowledge is a critical business and communication competency.

All courses are uniquely designed for each client who selects from a wide variety of topics and/or countries (international protocol) according to his or her needs.


  • Business and Social Etiquette for Professional Interactions
  •  Etiquette and Protocol for the Sales and Service Professionals
  • Dining Skills, Etiquette, and Protocol
  • Business and Social  Multi-Cultural Etiquette
  • Gift Guidance: Giving and Receiving
  • Elite Etiquette, including Rules, Proper Behaviors, and Terminology


  • Half-day Workshops
  • Full Day Workshops
  • Business Etiquette and Fine Dining Dinners/Luncheons, sometimes in partnership with a restaurant
  • Private Coaching for Individuals, Families, Small Groups
  • Speeches/Addresses/Presentations
  • Business Etiquette and Protocol Courses and Course Design for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Accomplished Corporate Spokesperson on Quality, Gift Giving, Protocol, Manners, Cultural Competence, and Elite Etiquette—exposure through Event Appearances;  Interviews, Satellite and Radio Media Tours; Press Conferences; News Releases; Podcasts; Special Articles, Advice, and Tips; Keynote Speaking.

To learn more please email paula@ astonishmediagroup.com or call 646-912-6598

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