Elite Etiquette – Available on Amazon and Kindle

Dawn Bryan’s book, Elite Etiquette may be purchased on Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com.  A Kindle version is also available, please click HERE.
Elite Etiquette book cover_BROWN


Looking for a fascinating read, interesting stuff, better understanding of elite societies? Or a brief vicarious journey into their exclusive cultures and private worlds? This invaluable resource goes beyond the traditional rules of etiquette to explain the often unvoiced customs that demonstrate belonging and respect within various cultures.

The first book of its kind, this informative guide provides the reader with the social behaviors needed to communicate within various elite cultures. An invitation to a golf tournament, the opera, a formal banquet, a polo match, a wedding or funeral, a yacht, afternoon tea, or a wine tasting will no longer be worrisome or discomfiting. Whether host, guest, or spectator, you will find the appropriate conduct, dress, courtesies, guidelines, and terminology to help you feel comfortable in almost any setting. For each particular situation, ELITE ETIQUETTE explains everything you: Need to Know; May Want to Know; May Find Helpful to Know; and Must Not Do. Whoever aspires to elevate or strengthen business or social relationships must understand the rules, courtesies and expectations that identify membership within these elite groups.

Description from Amazon.com


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