Your gift is a reflection of your thoughtfulness and of your interest in the recipient.
Whether graduating from high school, college, or other institution of higher learning, your graduate will soon be making major life changes. You can recognize that significance with a gift which commemorates the event itself; provides practical assistance for a move; supports a new job or career; or encourages her/his interests. This gift can be memorable without being expensive.
TO COMMEMORATE: Photos/videos of the graduation and festivities; Frame for graduation photo , school song or motto perhaps with date engraved; Silver serving spoon, ladle, cup, tray, bowl, bar accessories engraved with date; Fountain pen engraved with date; Collage of newspaper and magazine headlines of interest from that date; Class ring; Crystal objects, such as goblets, small trays, bowls, bookends, plaques etched with date or graduation invitation; Personalized leather-bound atlas with date engraved; engraved jewelry

TO ASSIST WITH MOVE TO DORM OR APARTMENT: Luggage with tags bearing name and new address; Small refrigerator; Electric blanket or sheet; Canvas director’s chair; Handsome corkscrew and bar accessories; Attractive and comfortable floor pillows; Subscription to hometown newspaper; Laundry Bag; Portable bookcase; Coin bank filled with quarters; Desk lamp; Ice chest; Bookends; Gift Certificate for two or more to special restaurant in new town; Airtight container for storing food; Small appliances, such as travel iron, battery-operated vacuum; Organizers, such as footlockers that can double as seats or coffee tables; Monogrammed robe; Posters related to recipient’s interest; Gift certificate to school bookstore; Car parking, car washes, or car insurance for semester; Sewing kit; Tickets home for the holidays.

TO SUPPORT A NEW JOB OR CAREER: Reference books, such as law or medical texts, or “To Be Sure You Know Before You Go” the newly published ELITE ETIQUETTE; Monogrammed portfolio or briefcase; Subscription to professional journal, such as The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, or Advertising Age; Membership in professional or alumni association; Thermal water pitcher and glass for desk; Gift certificate to dental, medical, culinary, architectural, etc. or any other job-related supply house; Desk accessories, including picture frames with favorite family or pet photo; Membership to health club near new office.


TO ENCOURAGE HER/HIS INTERESTS: If graduate is interested in art or literature, give book or work of art which may increase in value while she/he enjoys them: If interested in investing, start an investment fund or open an IRA; If interested in outdoor activities  give trip with sporting interest–fishing, skiing, mountain climbing, back packing, canoeing; If interested in history, give trip with historical interest–Williamsburg, Washington, D.C., the Alamo, battlegrounds; If interested in sports or health, give membership in local tennis, golf, shooting, health club and/or lessons; If interested in theatre, concerts, opera, give season subscription and/or binoculars or opera glasses; and give local courses, lessons or seminars in any area your graduate is interested in.

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