Mother’s Day

Fun and Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself Presents for Mother’s Day

Dawn Bryan Adds Personalized Charm for Every Woman in Your Life Day 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and your special mother, mother-in-law, grandmother or significant woman in your life is ready to celebrate! The question is, are you?  Don’t let the rush of springtime leave you empty-handed.

Dawn Bryan, author of the 1980s best seller, The Art and Etiquette of Gift Giving, offers her expertise in selecting gifts, luxury living and quality products to make sure this Mother’s Day is the best yet.

Dawn recommends these with fun, charming and inexpensive do-it-yourself gifts for busy bees everywhere.

For Your Gourmet Mom

-Create flavored butters by simply mixing capers, green shallots, or dill, etc. with spreadable unsalted butter or butter substitute and place in small interesting container –or a trio of three containers.

-Craft potted Stilton cheese (or any other soft cheese) by mashing it with butter, moistening it with Port or Madeira, then press into a small crock or pot.

-Make flavored teas by placing a variety of teas into a charming teapot for a fusion delight.

The Party Hostess Mom

-Create herbed wine vinegars or raspberry vinegar by placing selected herbs or a few raspberries into a cruet or an attractive bottle, then cover with quality red vinegar.

-Create mulled cider mix for your special hostess and place the mixture on small squares of fabric and tie with a pretty string or ribbon for an attractive presentation.

-Organize spiced or flavored olives by place a mixture of olives in a crock or bowl with sprigs of fresh herbs or leaves and flavor with a bit of olive oil. (You can make that, too!) 

The Hard-Working Mom

-Repot a small herb plant into a large terra cotta container for an adorable miniature herb garden. Then, tie a gingham ribbon around the pot or place it into a basket for a beautiful display

-Design a “good-for” card or coupon promising your personal services, ie foot massage, dog-walking, spring closet cleaning, etc. to treat your hard-working mom to exactly what she needs, when she needs it

That Special Grandmother, Aunt or Friend

-Restore an old favorite family photo and frame it

-Personalize a stationery/mailing center or lap desk by putting together adorned stationery, stamps, mailing envelopes, tape and post cards for their stationary needs

-Assemble a collection of paperback books in a favorite genre or subject

-Create a bedside caddy by finding locally or online, personally embroidered or stamped with her name or monogram, then make it extra special by filling with useable items.

For Any Special Woman in Your Life

-Give a pocket desk calendar or date book with a restaurant reservation and/or tickets to a special event marked on the specific date for her to find.

-Find inexpensive picture frames to fill with children’s photos, notes or cards

-Design a miniature rock garden by making holes in a piece of feather rock (available in builders’-supply stores); insert small plants from woods, garden or florist

-Make a contribution in the special woman’s name to her favorite charity, church or cause.

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